♥DMF has a love for reclaimed wood♥

 We salvage unique vintage NYC lumber from our construction and renovation projects & also work with new lumber to bring character to furniture and to our client's ideas; perhaps a dining table for your family, a barn door for your bedroom or a one of a kind center piece.  If you can envision it we can build it.


 Before steel beams, rebar & concrete were widely available wood was the primary building material for many constructions, it was strong, relatively inexpensive, and abundant. Many of these wood species that were once plentiful are now mainly available through barn sourcing. Antique barns now serve as one of the most common sources for reclaimed wood.

 However, old buildings here in New York City like factories,  warehouses and even old brownstone homes are excellent sources for locally sourced material. Just like in barns NYC lumber has aged and weathered well, to create beautiful character and color variants especially in large timbers used for beam work, and planks used for flooring systems in original constructions.  



 DMF saves vintage NYC lumber from our construction and renovation projects and bring its character to new furniture and client ideas, The following desirable traits of reclaimed wood are commonly cited for its preferred use when compared to newly cut wood:  


  • · Character: Unique traits like its warm patina, weathering, color, and grain assure that no two pieces are alike even if they come from the same source

  • Strength, Stability, Durability: Reclaimed wood will typically be stronger than new timber. Wood reclaimed from historic structures has spent decades or even centuries slowly air drying. 

  • Sustainability: Most Reclaimed Wood we use is locally sourced from structures that no longer serve its intent purpose; reducing waste and consumption of new resources in the process.